Digital Marketing

We at Hanae Solutions follow an analytical approach for our clients :

  • Understanding your business and what makes you unique in your industry.
  • Determining whether your website capabilities and positioning are in sync with your marketing goals.
  • Building online awareness for your brand, products, and services.
  • Driving traffic to your website, through SEO, Local Search Optimization, Paid online advertising, referrals, social media, and other online resources.
  • Converting visitors to paying customers by identifying the target audience that will be interested in what you have to offer, and optimizing the experience for them.
  • Analyzing at the results and continuously looking for ways to improve the campaign.

Digital Marketing

Be found where people search. Synchronize your web content to a judicious mix of correctness and relevance. Harness the power of online search to reach the relevant target group, segregated by their search habits and search trends.Search engine optimization is a process for getting a website ranked on search engines for keywords matching your business. Our SEO experts use their skills to ensure that you feature among the top ten results in all relevant searches.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click

Be present where organic search trends do not feature you. Be present at online locations where your target audience is spending most of its time. Be smart, spend smart – pay per click.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. SEM may use search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages, or use pay per click listings.

Social Media management

Create a robust presence in various online communities and sustain that presence by engaging the relevant audience with customized campaigns tailor-made for specific events, stories and broad-casts.

Our process, to help you get established on Social media, includes profile creation, sourcing content, updated posts and detailed reporting. We also monitor and participate in your conversations and help you listen closely to what your audience is saying about you.

Media Planning / Buying

Placing an online display ad in the most effective space take more planning than it seems. Like a billboard that is strategically placed in a key neighborhood or along an important highway, on the internet, these spaces are just as competitive and can take just as much if not more strategic planning and negotiation to be an effective way to market your business. Hanae Solutions offers online media buying and planning service that can perfectly complement your overall internet marketing strategy.

The value and effectiveness of your media plan are one of our main interests, and like every aspect of the development of your online business, we will begin with in-depth research and analysis of your needs and goals. We will determine what your target audience is, and then find the right venues for your ad placement, whether on major websites, smaller niche sites, portals, or ad networks. Then from negotiating a pricing plan with the site, to securing the best eye-catching placement, and through to the design of your ads, we will execute your campaign and track the results in order to continue to improve the strategy.

Other Services :

  • Content Writing
  • Database Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

SEO has become a necessity for any online business to succeed. It’s a way through which you reach your audience, justify your presence, help them get relevant information and in turn know you better. SEO is beneficial for you in order to get traffic, leads, backlinks and hence business.SEO is called the life line of Digital Marketing. We offer our valued clients, high quality of services at affordable pricing in order to give them the best of what we have. We’ll provide you a full activity report on a weekly basis so as to help you keep a track on the Digital marketing activities taking place for your business.

Social Media Marketing is no longer an option but necessary for every online or offline business. Social media networks are part of our everyday life and for on-line businesses (or websites) it is a great way to:

  • Facebook updating
  • Google+ management
  • Find new customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Twitter campaign management
  • Advertise your products or services
  • Engage with prospect and current customers
  • Facebook Campaign (ads) management
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn page setup and management
  • Instagram, Vine and other social media network management
  • The setup and optimization of business pages in the different social networks
  • Increase in the number of followers/interactions with your social media page
  • All our updates are manual and are carried our by highly qualified personnel dedicated to social media management.
  • Facebook updating
  • Contact us today to discuss about your social media presence and also give you examples of how we helped our clients take advantage of social media